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Tog & Tog – Official Partners!

“We create what you dream of”


Introducing the company ASPECTA under the auspices of The Vertex Corporation founded in 1912 in the USA.

With over 100 years of LVT experience it has created a new dimension in the floor sector with the establishment of the ASPECTA company confirming its position as an “expert” in the world under the LVT commercial floor.

Tog & Tog – Official Partners!

The first to introduce a new idea for floors from Taiwan, now known as LVT, and transformed the floor market with the floating floor system.

All these, and much more, have been developed always with a customer service orientation.

Emphasizing greater ease of use to help architects and craftsmen to work better and smarter.

In Tog & Tog shops you can discover all the latest collections.

Visit our stores so we can recommend to you unique interior design solutions. It’s time for you to stand out!

Tog & Tog - Fashion Interior Experts

“We create what you dream of”

Tog & Tog can serve you in Aspecta products only in the area of Cyprus through its representative.

Γιώργος Βουρνούς

m.+ 357-96785717 |