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 IMO Certificated & FR Retardant Interior Fabrics

Evo Etched Intermix

TOG & TOG FR-One IMO Module E



All the special IMO  and FR fabrics for which TOG & TOG are representatives, have been certified by Lloyd’s Register as “module E” in the new M.E.D framework. Maritime Equipment Directive and are certified by the US Coast Guard.

They comply with all international maritime standards which makes them perfectly suited for boats and yachts, as they are known for their durability at sea. They are made in a workshop in a way which ensures that they can withstand all environmental stresses being brought about by climate change. At the same time, all TOG & TOG special fabrics have strong absorbent properties, tested under ISO 354-11654, which puts them in the A & B category for excellent absorbency.

In this way, TOG & TOG can offer a wide variety of special IMO and FR fabric collections which are not limited to in interior decor designs, but also extend the range of its design house and products to include decorative ideas for outdoor areas, putting a seal on the company’s

high quality services.



All TOG & TOG special fabrics are “compliant” with the highest FR, I.M.O. standards so the company’s consistent requirements always demonstrate their overall commitment to safety. The flame retardant fibers of

TOG & TOG’s special fabrics are preserved in the fabrics’ structure.  Additionally, all fire safety tests are carried out and approved by authorized CQC laboratories which ensures that only flame retardant fabrics that meet the highest standards are used.

This means that the fabric’s flame retardant characteristics remain unchanged throughout the lifetime of the product, making these products suitable for restaurant areas, hotel units, Mega Yachts, and boats.