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kieffer by rubelli

Kieffer by Rubelli

Fashion, design and art are the worlds where the new fabrics collection created by paola navone for kieffer by rubelli navigates.

Travelling freely across centuries and continents, the new collection is narrated through the pages of a magazine focusing on the moods,trends and passions that inspire our many-sided contemporary living.

The common denominator of the various fabrics in the collection is the slight aesthetic imperfection of handmade items. Lightweight fabrics such as gauze, cotton texturised by raffia inserts, linen hybridised by jute fibres, cosy tweed and shiny, super-fine velvet.

A family of fabrics born of the firmly established collaborative partnership between the subtle, casual creativity of paola navone and the long-standing fabrics manufacturing tradition of kieffer by rubelli.


Tog & Tog αποκλειστικός αντιπρόσωπος για την Ελλάδα.
Συλλογές DOMINIQUE KIEFFER BY RUBELLI μόνο στα καταστήματα Tog & Tog.

Tog & Tog - Fashion Interior Experts

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