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kieffer by rubelli


TOG & TOG / Exclusively for Greece


An innovative interior design house with sophisticated and casual collections.

The exquisite and sophisticated Dominique Kieffer collections – hosted by the historic Venetian interior design house Rubelli Group – are leaders in Textile Design as they stand out from the rest for their quality and creativity, as well as the Casual Chic motifs on their fabrics. Their patterns always find the best way to express contemporary aesthetic reality. The Dominique Kieffer collections embody authentic modernism, seen through the light of classical values.

The new Dominique Kieffer collection is dynamic because it is able to combine the female element and the masculine element. It integrates aesthetic values with practicality. Simplicity of materials with functionality. The sophisticated with the purity of the abstract.

As an essentially romantic collection, it expresses the nobility of minimalism through a variety of soft colors which always reference natural elements and materials.

More specifically, the special glowing finishes on the fabrics in the  TISSU D ‘ELEGANNCEseries, which they acquire during the dyeing process, makes the surfaces of these fabrics different at the same time as giving them elasticity, creating a 3D effect on the surface.

On the other hand, the ESSENTIELcollection is defined by the mixture of the lightness of wool and the shine of linen, the most sophisticated element of aesthetics.

All in all, the ranges in the Dominique Kieffer collection artfully blend textures with natural materials such as cotton, wool and linen, weaving an art of discreet embroidery that creates a distinctive and innovative trend in Interior Textile Design, reaching out to those with even the most refined and demanding tastes.




  • 4, Ethnikis Antistaseos Str., Chalandri
  • 210 32.51.440



DOMINIQUE KIEFFER / TOG & TOG Exclusive Agent for Greece.

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