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A Historic Venetian interior Design House!

The company came into being in 1781 when, on the initiative of Giovanni Paolo Rubelli, it bought specialist looms to process silk before it was sold on the market. From then on, the Rubelli family business has always the reputation in the market of being the “noblemen” of silk. After 3 generations – and still to this day – the house retains the same passion for silk art as it continues to flourish and to stand out from the crowd thanks to its wonderful creations. Continuing this tradition became the main mission of Rubelli Venezia, who aimed to design and produce quality decorative fabrics which inspire and are inspired by traditional and highbrow Venetian art. Rubelli Venezia  states that the patterns designed in the studio and the weaving in the house’s unique fabrics mimic both the iridescent reflections of the Venice canals and the glow of silk!

“Our guiding mission is to keep alive the original Venetian tradition which inspires our creations, transforming fabrics into works of art. This is Rubelli Venezia.”
– Nicolò Favaretto Rubell

The new Rubelli Venezia 2019  collection continues to be steeped in precisely this historical philosophy. He argues strongly that silk is the noblest of all weaving materials and creates unique surfaces over time.

The new 2019 collection “borrows” ideas from a romantic 16th  century English motif, keeping alive the classic values of interior art. And, using the sophisticated brocades of the 15th  century,  Rubelli Venezia  presents fabrics that look like works of art in a gallery!

On the other hand, the modern geometric motifs he calls Silk stripe express the “classic” transposed into today’s aesthetic tastes in a way which is both modern and abstract. However, the timeless aesthetic of the Baroque rhythm – inspired by the marble surfaces in Catholic churches – brings creative choices with unique yarns and fabrics that represent the lasting values of the art of fabric to the new collection.

The new Rubelli Venezia 2019 collection is available exclusively at TOG&TOG stores.

TOG & TOG / Exclusive Agent for Greece.

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