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Building a new collection is an exciting experience, under the talented guidance of Alberto, the creative team:Anna, Friedericke, Francesco, Marco, works for one full year to plan, develop and fine-tune all the new products.

It may sound unbelievable, yet over 650 meters were produced to finalize the 2018 collection. Some items were woven up to twenty times to correct their quality and pattern.

Having our own mill allows this complex and challenging process.

I love to follow the evolution of this intricate progression together with the design team.

The initial mood boards pinned on the walls get slowly covered by swatches of textiles and wallpaper: this is the longest phase, which makes me nervous because it seems that nothing is happening.

Then, almost suddenly, the Design Studio is filled with amazing prototypes, and I realize the potential of what has been achieved with passion and skill.

The latest collection is always the one I like the most, and this year it is particularly special: in addition to decorative fabrics that speak for our identity, we offer products of easy use and high performance: a versatile cotton velvet in 66 colors, textures in Trevira CS for both residential and contract use, vinyl wallpapers suitable for any interior…

All strictly made in Italy!

I am proud of the work of my team, and I am confident that it will inspire you.– Nicolò Favaretto Rubelli


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